Revolution, Reformation and Entrepreneurs

Revolutionaries fight for control of what already exists. The battle can be short, but it is always costly. There have to be losers. Much usually gets destroyed in the fight, including the victor’s moral, and spiritual, integrity. Reformers fight to change what already exists. The battle is usually long and costly. The outcome uncertain. Entrepreneurs build something out of nothing. They build the new, the beautiful, the life-giving, where there is … Continue Reading →

My visit to the WTC Kingdom Theology Conference

I popped in on Saturday to the Westminster Theological Centre Kingdom Theology conference to hear a couple of my former WTC students give short papers. I was intrigued to see what 3 years of WTC had done to them and hoped I might be encouraged by their creativity and wisdom. I was not disappointed. 10 years ago I took the unconventional decision to take a sideways step from a traditional academic … Continue Reading →

On my theological work and patience

I am enjoying writing a book on Jesus’s identity in relation to God (Christology). I have learnt much and am grateful for this season. I confess I have slightly shifted my position on some texts and the overall shape of NT views of Jesus and God. But I am straining to get beyond Christology to the cross and salvation. I really can’t do the Christology piece justice without a full … Continue Reading →

On the Death of Rick Warren’s Son

We are all shocked by the suicide of Rick Warren’s son in this week’s news. It is a horrendous tragedy for the family that seems a direct assault on the title of the father’s book: The Purpose Driven Life. For me, it is the latest in a series of (less well-known) tragedies befalling men and women of the purpose driven life that leads me to the inescapable conclusion that we have, in … Continue Reading →

Paul’s Jesus Code: An Exciting Discovery

This post is for my academic friends. The first on this blog. Don’t bother reading if (a) you are tired and don’t want to think right now, or (b) you have a deep, instinctive aversion to maths. Read on if: – you love God, Jesus and His word, – you love maths, and – you like a little bit of mystery. So, I’m writing a book about Christology: a carefully … Continue Reading →

Because you are worth it: leisure and worship

We made a discovery during the early years of the Westminster Theological Centre curriculum development: quite a few Christians pour out their lives for others, but don’t look after themselves. This became apparent through the psychometric testing and personal development plans (PDPs) each student undertakes. It is a particularly significant problem with older (mature) Christians and there are dramatic stories of life transformation when people realise why they do need … Continue Reading →

Reading the Bible with those who need it most

A wonderful way to do a bible study with those who so desperately need it (from my friend Dr Bob Ekblad): Last month I spoke at a conference called Unlocking the Future: From Mass Incarceration to Restorative Justice at Texas Lutheran University. I also preached about the Gerasene demoniac, inviting students to cross over to the other side with Jesus into the world of violent offenders (see: That evening … Continue Reading →