On Empathy and Sympathy for the Terrorists

We should not sympathise with the terrorists.
But if we do not empathise with them, we will not understand them and our actions to defeat them will be misguided and ineffective.

Please do not mistake my desire to understand them — to feel what they feel and to see with their eyes — for sympathy.

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  • Hazel Booth says:

    Terrorism is a big thing. If it were just a few, over a long period of time one could speak of empathy: but when there are an overwhelming number opperating constantly and consistantly, then there is no time to do more than defend oneself as best we can. True empathy can only be achieved by praying earnestly for them, and if we pray for them then we will love them: but sadly loving a terrorist takes away from the victims our empathy for them. That is how our human nature works. On the other hand, if we exercise empathy for the victum and pray for them, God will deal with the terrorist. I prefer to leave that up to God and He will raise up some one to love the terrorist if it is His (God’s) will to have compassion on him.

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