My visit to the WTC Kingdom Theology Conference

I popped in on Saturday to the Westminster Theological Centre Kingdom Theology conference to hear a couple of my former WTC students give short papers. I was intrigued to see what 3 years of WTC had done to them and hoped I might be encouraged by their creativity and wisdom. I was not disappointed.

10 years ago I took the unconventional decision to take a sideways step from a traditional academic career path. I reckoned that my biblical theology content needed to be tested by the people it was meant for; that all I was learning in the academy needed to be given legs in the life-place (in businesses, in schools and hospitals, in the home).

My visit to WTC was brief: enough to hear just two 15 min. papers. Both were a delight. (I wanted to hear a couple of other papers, but timings clashed).

Esther Hardman gave a commanding discussion of the latest scholarship on Genesis 1:26-28 that led to a fascinating discussion of the relationship between Genesis and chaos theory (fractals etc …). A couple of weeks ago I spent a week at an executive leadership centre—the House of Cantle (—where chaos theory and the new science played a big part of the training. The week was fantastic. But I confess I struggled to tie Jim McNeish’s approach to human and organisational growth to my own understanding of the biblical view of humanity (not that there is none; it’s just that I’m slow and I like everything to fit together in my mind). Today Esther helped me see the huge possibilities in the connections between the two (the bible on humanity as God’s image and the new science).

Bill Westwood‘s paper (“Godly Business: an Oxymoron?”) offered a prophetic call for the healing of the soured relationship between the Church and Business. As a former VP of a billion dollar multinational he is uniquely qualified for the topic and today he gave new depth and meaning to the epithet ‘theologian’. I may I will return to his proposal in a separate posting. I sense it is important and I am pondering.

Thank you guys!

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