On the necessary balance between the Incarnation and the Cross.

We are so fearfully and wonderfully made that he honoured us by becoming human like us. We are so flawed and fragile that he rescued us by dying for us.

The first proposition states the deeper reason for the second. If we only accept the second we denigrate ourselves and we offend him.

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  • Hazel Booth says:

    Crispin, you have said it in such a beautiful way that it is difficult to add to: but I would like to say that it is because we are so part of Him that He cannot but love us. And you are right to say that we are fragile. Jesus knows that we are fragile and our flaws are disgusting to others: but He created us to be His image and He will do anything to rescue us from Satan’s damaging entanglements – even as far as dying for us, and continuing to die for us through the dying of His faithful people. He wants us to love each other with the same love, concern, that He had, and to give support and encouragement so that we may lift ourselves out of our frailty and inclination to sin. It is by this compassion for each other that we portray Jesus to the world so that they may long after Him.

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