On Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence (d. 1691) wrote a famous book entitled The Practice of the Presence of God in which he described the habits of a life of worship (a “practice”) focused on the presence of God.

The practice (noun) of the presence of God is a start. But is it enough? Do we not also need to progress to the presence of the practise (verb) of God? Do we not also need to cultivate habits that make present to the world around us God’s own action?

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  • Sally Reddall ex WTC student says:

    I am actually re-reading this book now. As you describe the starting point – of the practice of the presence of God – i would describe the word practice here as a verb – it is as act of heart and mind – a leaning towards God, an active seeking and then resting/living in his presence. But yes of course this joyful restoring, re-building of our true image bearing ability must be seen by the cultivation of habits that make the presence of God in our lives also present to those around us.

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