Revolution, Reformation and Entrepreneurs


Revolutionaries fight for control of what already exists. The battle can be short, but it is always costly. There have to be losers. Much usually gets destroyed in the fight, including the victor’s moral, and spiritual, integrity.

Reformers fight to change what already exists. The battle is usually long and costly. The outcome uncertain.

Entrepreneurs build something out of nothing. They build the new, the beautiful, the life-giving, where there is only non-existence, or chaos and unfulfilled hope, mediocrity and  models that were once good but now outdated. If they have a battle it is not against flesh and blood. They know that the old is passing away; the old structures are destined to collapse. So they build outside those structures, lest they get caught in the falling masonry. And they believe that growth in their own strength of character and spirit, and in social and material value is all but guaranteed.

As an incidental byproduct of their work, the Entrepreneurs usually achieve many of the goals of the Reformers and the Revolutionaries.

They are often misunderstood. Sometimes spurned, even crucified.

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